Fuselage III
Bill's Project Notebook


Progress was slow today, since I spent most of the day making videos. I only spent maybe three hours at the most working on the Questor project.

I have completed the basic locking pin for the right side. I did not have the digital camera available at the time I built it, so there are no progress shots. This is the [semi-]final assembly.

The boom stick is being placed into position. The Questor project almost came to a complete and permanent halt during this phase, as I drilled a hole for the locking pin dangerously close to the wires that run through the boom. Had the wires been severed, I would have thrown in the towel. I still am concerned about the proximity of the wires to the locking pins, as it could represent a shorting hazard over time. I just need a closer look into the hole, somehow, and I don't have the optics to see it.

And here is the assembly in place, demonstrating the locking pin functionality. I still need to add a hold-down to the assembly that will lock the pin in place when it is inserted, but I haven't finalized the design on that. I also need to box in the guide rails to ensure proper boom stick alignment and to protect the male connector pins. Once I get it all done, then I need to repeat this entire construction process for the left side. Forget about the checklist - I haven't written one for this process (I have been inventing it along the way).

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