The Quincy Project
Bill's Project Notebook


Quincy is the working title I have given to this project, which involves the construction of a night-flying model aircraft based on the old Basla USA Stick 30 design. Yes, Stick 30. It is a smaller version of the popular Stick 40. If you recall my Questor project, that aircraft was based on the same design. Only, the Questor project was never completed (although it may be in the somewhat not-too-distant future), and was not built to be light. Quincy, on the other hand, is constructed using carbon fiber tubing in the wing and the main fuselage boom, making it very strong and very light. A friend of mine is also building an airplane of the same design. In fact, it was his inspiration and suggestion that we build these together - so, here I am today. In addition to the aircraft, this aircraft carries a circuit board that I designed, along with a microcontroller that I programmed, to respond to my transmitter to control the on-board lights. Channel 5 is controlled via a switch on the top left-hand side of the transmitter, which I have programmed to turn my landing lights on and off. Channel 6 is controlled by a variable knob, which I have programmed to control the brightness of the LEDs onboard. More detailed information can be found among these pages.

This project is part of a personal process of self-discovery, reconnecting with my past to rediscover what I enjoy doing and what I need in order to live a fulfilling life. Building and flying an airplane such as this, brings me joy. Sure, there are frustrating challenges along the way, and sometimes I just want the project to end, but in the end, I will have something I can be proud of and that will bring me joy for many years to come. I still have my first model airplane that I built in 1982, and I still fly it on occasion. I hope to have this new airplane around for another few decades to come.


The following pages outline the development of Questor: