Questor Update - August, 2010
Bill's Project Notebook

Lower Hatch

YouTube cut off the end of my update, but you didn't miss much. Not much progress in a couple of weeks, due to general brain fade and choosing to fly instead of build. But this update shows the progress I have made on the lower hatch. Normally, I update after completing a step, but I need to remain accountable to keep going.

Front LEDs and Lower Hatch

The lower hatch is complete, and I have added three LEDs to the front of the plane. I realized that I needed to figure out the lighting before I progressed much further, so I added three LEDs to the front of the plane, all pointing up into the fuel tank. I am thinking of how I may seal up the compartment below the tank, to minimize the collection of dirt and oil, but I won't have that all figured out until I know the configuration of the power generator. If I use what I have, it extends back under the tank platform, which is why I made the platform in the first place, but I am a little concerned about fuel draw into the engine with the tank elevated. But as for sealing the compartment, that will come later. I made a mistake soldering up the LEDs, so they didn't work, but I didn't discover that until I had already installed them. Fortunately, I had not done final gluing yet, and the wires were still unsecured, so I was able to rip the piece out and rebuild it. I'm actually glad that I had to do that, because the first installation was off-centered. The hatch is now complete. And instead of leaving a lip in front of the hatch for opening it, I simply left the side edges of the overlapping piece just a tiny bit wider than the fuselage, which is just enough for me to pry the hatch open with my fingers. It snaps in nice and tight, so it won't go anywhere.

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