Questor Update - 07/18/10-07/24/10
Bill's Project Notebook

Miserable Servo Tray

Whomever could have thought that a servo tray could result in such a miserable life experience is probably capable of fully comprehending a god. I certainly didn't conceive of it. Frustration levels have hit a new high, and I really need to go shopping for some new clothes.

Removable Mid Former

Resolving the miserable servo rail issue resulted in a removable center former. This former can be removed in the event that the bomb bay hatch ever gets broken, or I want to modify the cargo area. I question the strength of the piece, as I'm worried there is a lot of stress on the tiny parts that screw in, so it is possible I may see some breakage in flight at some point in the future. However, if that happens, I can waste some more of my time making something new to replace it. Just not today.

Tail Boom

A quick update on what I did to the tail boom.

The Bomb Hatch

A quick view of how the bomb bay hatch works - or is supposed to work, anyway.

Landing Gear Retainer

I have made small increments of progress over the past two days that have added up to actual progress. I'm taking a "one step at a time" approach, now that my vacation is over and I'm back to work. So, that means progress happens on lunch break and after hours, although I have literally spent a minute here and there to do *something*, even if it's just drawing a single line where I need to cut something. It all adds up. This airplane is starting to look like a thing!

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