Continued Progress - 07/07/10-07/09/10
Bill's Project Notebook

Continued Progress - July 4-10, 2010

I'm changing the format of this log to provide video updates, as this should reduce the time required to log, and will minimize the number of HTML files I need to create, as I am going to simply keep adding video entries on to the end of this page.

Completion of Tail Fin

I could not end the day with more work pending on this fin that has taken forever to complete. Now that the tail assembly is pretty much complete, I can move on to other parts. I still need to tie up a few small finishing touches on the tail, but I am tired of working on the tail, so I will finish those up later. But functionally, it is complete. Finally! A huge stress relief! It's a beautiful tail...

Servo Tray

Not much happening today. I created a servo tray. Whoopie!


After an extremely frustrating and unproductive day trying to figure out a detachable landing gear design (and failing miserably), I decided to proceed with boxing in the fuselage. Much work remains to be done, I just haven't figured it all out, yet.

Servo Tray Revision

Yesterday's unproductive day was less productive than I thought. I had to revise the servo tray.

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