Fuselage V
Bill's Project Notebook


It has been a while since I have had a chance to work on my airplane. It looks like I am going to miss my goal of completing the fuselage by Christmas.

I did manage to work out a few details and cut out some new pieces this weekend, seen here laid out in three columns. The first column consists of the front former, which will be the face of the fuselage, and a mid-way former, which will support one side of the bomb bay hatch hinge. The second column consists of two rails that will support the servo tray, and the bomb bay hatch. The third column contains the upper and lower rear formers, with a boom spacer/ spreader in between. You'll see how they all go together in later installments.
The upper rear former was further modified as seen below.

There is little room inside the fuselage for the bomb bay hatch servo, so I cut a hole into the rear fuselage wall so the servo will mount from the outside. It will protude out the back side of the fuselage. I tried quite a number of configurations and am not happy about any of them - there are just too many logistical problems. However, I have come too far to give up on the hatch. It is going to be tight with clearances, but I'll make it work. I am not entirely happy with the servo sticking out the back, but I'll find a way to seal it in case it gets exhaust oil and fuel splatter on it.
The boom locking pin is in the way, so I will need to shave it down some. I couldn't mount the servo up higher, or it would have interfered with the wing saddle. I couldn't mount it lower or it would have interfered with the control rods to the tail. I couldn't use my tiny servos, because they don't have enough torque. And I couldn't mount the servo on the inside (with the body sticking through the hole) since the boom locking pin supports would prevent access. So, I'm left with mounting it outside, from the outside, poking in, as seen here.

With the servo mounting blocks added (to give some bite to the mounting screws), there is now no room for 1/4" triangle stock along the wall sides to add strength to the corners. So, I will have to use some kind of split design, or use smaller triangle stock, or none at all. But I think I need the triangle stock to help square up the fuselage when it comes time to assemble all these new pieces.

I still need to figure out the design for the wing saddle, which is tough since I don't know the design for the wing mount, yet. And with these long breaks between construction, it is very difficult to remain focused and to retain unrecorded thoughts and ideas in between. This is beginning to feel like another project that is slipping away from me, but I'm determined to not let that happen. However, if some emerging events transpire as expected, this project could conceivably get pushed back by as much as a year! I'm hoping that won't happen, even if these emerging events do transpire, but only time will tell. I just hope that what I have constructed thus far will survive the traspiring events, unscathed.

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